13 Photos that will make you fall in love with Al-Moez street in Cairo

Take a trip through time a thousand years back,take some moments to admire a preserved miracle narrating the story of people who played a role in determining the chapters of History. Al Moez street is one of the rare relics that can connect us to that part of the  history when Egypt was part of the Islamic nation. A nation that contributed to the world many of its breakthroughs in Science, as well as establishing for itself a unique culture that made it stand strong for many years.

Old Cairo (19)sign

Extending for about a kilo, on this busy street lies many preserved buildings that can tell the whole story, ranging from mosques to stores to museums that can do nothing but leave you bewildered. This phenomenal yet simple architecture will surely leave you in love with Cairo.

Old Cairo (11) sign

Old Cairo (12) sign

Old Cairo (13) sign

Old Cairo (20) sign

Old Cairo (8) sign Old Cairo (1) sign Old Cairo (15) signOld Cairo (7) sign

Old Cairo (16) signOld Cairo (17) sign  Old Cairo (18) sign


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