Cairo’s ToDo list hottest addition : Nile Kayaking

The Always charming Cairo couldn’t stop itself from surprising us again and again. If you live in Cairo or just enjoying a vacation , for sure you still haven’t finished your list of the 50 things you should do in Cairo. Well I recommend you to skip all of it and start with Cairo’s latest and hottest trend : Nile Kayak rides.

Our Gift here is presented by the rapidly growing Nile Kayak Club, a professional team of kayakers who decided to take Mohamed Ali’s Royal Club as a starting point for their weekly rides. A starting point for a sport that was able to show us the capital from a new perspective. Because I am sure most of you have not enjoyed a panoramic view of the majestic Nile with its water swaying at his toes, I recommend you to start planning your next day trip with this wonderful group.



Some Tips:


  • Be prepared to get completely wet, so wear waterproof clothes, leave your shoes, mobile phones and cameras, because everything gets wet.
  • Get extra clothes with you to change after the ride.
  • Listen carefully to your instructor.

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