What to expect in Berlin?

img_8772The capital of Germany isn’t on many wish lists for people traveling to Europe, however this city in my view is one of the greatest in Europe. It can stand different from any city in Europe and even in Germany. So how does Berlin look like?

Berlin is a large city, a lot larger than other capital cities such including Europe’s favorite Paris. So it’s hard to discover it all on foot, that’s why Berlin has an extensive public transportation system including Underground trains, Street trains, trams, Buses and even Regional trains for longer journeys and everywhere in Berlin is covered under that system. Berlin has a large river called the Spree passing through it, its water has a nice color and gives a fresh breeze on places it passes through. That river isn’t the only water surface you will see here, moreover you will have lots of lakes all over the city. For an instance, I found a small lake 10 minutes walk away from my stay in Berlin and it was a pure coincidence. So if you love nature make sure to spend a sunny day at one of the lakes, you can swim there or even rent a small boat. Unlike other big cities, Berlin was able to keep its green areas safe. There are over 2500 parks and gardens there and almost a fifth of the city is covered in trees, so you will see Nature at its finest.

Berlin is a very diverse city, different aspects of its history has been reflected on what it is today. You will see old buildings from periods before unification, you will see modern architecture and luxurious buildings, you will see GDR remains. In some areas like Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg you should expect to see lots of Street Art and Graffiti along with lots of hippies and students. In other parts you will see businessmen rushing to their jobs. You will usually see lots of people who have gone nuts on the streets, not to mention the drunk ones. And since not lots of time has passed since unification and rebuilding of the city and since the prices in Berlin are very low compared to other cities in West Europe you will expect lots of young people, which gives the city its vibe. So that take us to the nightlife, this city houses lots of nightclubs which are considered the best in the world, you will find different parties each day. On weekends you will feel that the whole population is on the streets ready to party.

When it comes to eating, be assured you won’t spend a fortune on that. Berlin’s food is very cheap and diverse to suit its population. Around nearly every corner you will find a doner shop, which is capable of satisfying your hunger by its overfilled sandwiches. In more hip areas such as Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain and Neukolln you will find lots of Arabic, Asian and American cuisine. So make sure to try everything, you can even have them all in one space in the Street Food festival every Thursday in Markthalle neun.

If History and Art are your interests, Berlin is still your city. Since it has lots of Museums it even named a whole island “Museum islands” which hold lots of Art pieces to suit different interests.img_8443


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