Photo essay: Art spotting in Hippy Berlin

‘Go to Friedrichschain, walk through its streets, watch the art and enjoy its beauty’ . That’s what Aly told me when I asked him about ideas for things to do the next day. He’s been living in Berlin for a while so I asked him to tell me where exactly should I go, he answered me to ‘Just get lost’

Friedrichschain is not an ordinary eastern berlin neighborhood, it’s a hippies hub, it’s where lots of young artists and students call home. They turned its streets into a museum, decorated its walls with graffiti and filled its corners with cool bars and boutiques. I searched abou the city and decided on starting from Berlin’s Sistine Chapel: ‘East Side Gallery’, that big part remaining of the wall that was turned by tens of artists from all over the world into  a magnificent masterpiece. I walked all the way along the wall and enjoyed every piece of painting. I followed that by relaxing for a while in a garden infront of the spree.

After a while, I walked towards the end of Warschauer brücke, took the stairs down towards urban spree, one of the best bars in Berlin. It has its own tattoo parlor and hosts galleries every now and then and has a small room for parties. It’s situated in a big underground space, which was still quite in the morning but at night the whole place is lit with parties and people fill it with jolly vibes. But morning was a good time for me to be able to see the art all over the area. A flea market is also held there on weekends, I recommend it for you, its called ‘RAW flohmarkt’. 

After wandering for some time I left the area from a side exit and started walking through the alleys of Friedrichschain. To explore it right you should do it spontaneously, roam around every corner, walk into every pathway. You will never know where will you find a masterpieces. All forms of art where there from stickers, to spray graffiti, to professional paintings and you can even find the whole building decorated with paintings. It’s a museum no kidding. I took lots of photos, I wish I could post them all, but here are the best. 
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